Photographs by Pete Clark from Ravensmoor that may have been printed using ink supplies are to go on display at the National Theatre in London after he won a competition.

The 22-year-old, who works in John Lewis, submitted his snaps to the Landscape Photographer of the Year award and won a £1,000 prize, as well as the chance to have his work shown at the exhibit in the capital, reports the Crewe Chronicle.

Mr Clark stated he was delighted to have been told he was on the shortlist for the award but did not think he would be chosen as the winner for his Rawhead picture.

"When I started out in photography, I never thought that I'd win one of the categories in the UK's most prestigious landscape photography competition."

Amateur photographers were recently given tips by John Carvill, writing for the Guardian, who stated it is important to treat subjects on the street with respect and kindness when taking their picture.