Individuals who are setting up a home office should ensure that printer supplies are a key part of their thinking, as this equipment is a crucial part of maintaining productivity.

However, people have a decision to make on whether to go for a laser or inkjet model, it was noted by PC Advisor, as both options have features to recommend them.

"Traditionally, home workers have been happy to utilise the powerful potential of a laser printer, because these have always been associated with producing dependable results during high-volume print jobs," it stated, adding low running costs are also seen as an advantage.

It observed, however, that inkjet devices are becoming favoured by a growing number of people due to their flexibility and high-quality photo results.

Many workers are also looking towards multifunction printers (MFPs) that can combine operations such as scanning and copying into a single unit.

Recently, Kodak noted in a feature for the publication that devices such as its Hero range of MFPs can offer easy connectivity to other devices and have affordable ink cartridges.