Individuals looking to use ink cartridges to print documents from a portable device, but who want more functionality than a tablet, may consider a new line of super-lightweight laptops.

The Ultrabook design, which is being pushed strongly by Intel as a rival to options such as Apple's iPad, is set to experience large growth over the next few years, according to research from IHS iSuppli.

It forecast these gadgets, which are less than 0.8 inches thick, will make up around 43 per cent of worldwide laptop sales by 2015, up from just two per cent this year.

Principal analyst for computer platforms at iSuppli Matthew Wilkins said: "To compete with media tablets, notebook PCs must become sexier and more appealing to consumers."

He added Ultrabooks could use "some of the form-factor and user-interface advantages of the media tablet to enhance the allure of the venerable notebook."

The ability to run a full operating system such as Microsoft Windows could also be an advantage and may make it easier to print documents directly from such devices without having to rely on a third-party app or mobile printing solution.