NASA has brought us a  by releasing a video showing us where snow has fallen every month for over the past 10 years.

By using NASA’s Terra satellite they’ve been able to monitor snow fall all over the globe. The Terra Satellite uses a sensor called the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) which relies on visible light to assess snow cover.

The video starts off in February 2000 and works it way up to as late as last month. The snow cover is deciphered in colour as shown in the scale at the bottom of the clip.

NASA also stated that snow and ice coverage most of the planets polar regions throughout the year. Places such as the Andes and the Rocky Mountains receive snow fall daily. So next time you’re looking for a winter holiday look no further than the Andes!

So what do you think of NASA’s Virtual Snow Globe does it make you feel all Christmassy?