People who have downloaded a mobile printing app in order to use ink supplies directly from their Android smartphone may be interested to hear the popularity of the platform is continuing to grow.

Google, which owns the operating system (OS), has announced the Android Market has now delivered over 10 billion applications to users.

Much of this growth has come in the past few months as more individuals purchase devices running the OS, figures from the company reveal.

While it took nearly two years from the launch of the software to reach the one billion mark, the popularity of Android has jumped dramatically this year, with the service now seeing a growth rate of a billion downloads per month.

"None of these apps would have existed if it weren't for the developers who created them," Google stated on its official blog, thanking them for their efforts in pushing the boundaries of the technology.

Recently, Kodak became the latest printer supplies maker to offer additional services to Android users with the launch of its Document Print app for the platform.