While many people in the UK may use ink cartridges to produce hard copies of photos, it could be that a large number of snaps individuals take remain available for viewing only through a computer.

According to a new survey by Mozy, the average Brit spends over an hour and a half a week uploading pictures, which has replaced activities such as using disposable cameras and having film developed.

Three-quarters of people say their everyday activities rely on modern gadgets, while 20 per cent are never out of reach of a device capable of connecting to the internet.

However, Mozy stated: "This reliance on technology also puts people at risk with half of Brits admitting they never back up the data they rely on and a further 40 per cent only making manual copies of their information."

Therefore, individuals worried about losing their favourite images may like to ensure they use ink supplies so they have a physical copy of their snaps, in case anything unexpected happens to their digital data.

Last week, Kodak launched a campaign encouraging people to free their photos from Facebook by creating hard copies of their pictures.