A monkey said to resemble Elvis Presley because of its thick black hairstyle is one of over 200 new species that have been discovered in south-east Asia.

It lives in the Greater Mekong region, which encompasses Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and parts of China, a report from the WWF notes.

One of two mammals found in the area over the past year, the 'Elvis monkey' may be new to science, but it is said to be a familiar sight among locals in Myanmar's remote Kachin state.

The primate, which has yet to be photographed, is said to be distinctive due to its upturned nose as well as its rock and roll hairstyle.

Locals claim it is easy to spot when it is raining, as they often sneeze due to water getting in their upturned nostrils.

Little is yet known about its range or behaviour in the wild, but the WWF observed it is likely to be classified as critically endangered.

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