People using printer supplies this Christmas may like to seek out devices with low power consumption that can reduce their bills while being kind to the environment.

Researchers at the University of Salford stated leaving electronic goods on standby or constantly recharging could add up to £150 a year to a household's bills, the Press Association reports.

Erik Bichard, professor of sustainable development at the university's school of the built environment, said: "We don't want to look like Scrooges at Christmas, but people tend to forget that these gifts can be a real drain on their energy use and their family finances."

For example, he explained a typical laptop can become fully charged in around two hours, so leaving it plugged in all the time is a waste of energy.

The expert added a laser printer kept on standby will add £17 to a bill, so people may want to ensure they completely unplug their machine when it is not in use.

Last month, energy consultant Paula Owen stated consumers need to think carefully about the power consumption of their gadgets in order to reduce their carbon footprint.