Many people may require use ink cartridges and print hard copies of photos they have uploaded to Facebook if they are inspired by a new campaign from Kodak.

The printer supplies manufacturer is urging individuals to select their favourite online snaps and create a physical version as part of a campaign to launch its new Kodak Moments app.

It is being supported by US actor and comedian Mark Malkoff, who will be travelling around New York City in a plexiglass box until one million photos are downloaded through the software.

"Think about it – billions of pictures are just crying out to be liberated from the world wide web and enjoyed offline, in people's hands," Malkoff stated.

Vice-president of worldwide marketing for Kodak's Retail Systems Solutions division Larry Trevarthen explained the drive is aiming to encourage individuals to do more with their snaps.

Recently, the "overload" of images people are exposed to every day online was highlighted by Dutch artist Erik Kessels, who printed out thousands of images uploaded to Flickr for an exhibition in Amsterdam.