One clever monkey in Canada is in demand among art enthusiasts for his ability to create paintings, a range of which are to go on display in Toronto.

The works have proven popular with collectors, with some being sold for up to $300 (£187) to buyers from as far afield as Europe, reports local newspaper the Star.

The capuchin monkey – named Pockets Warhol for his striking resemblance to the famous American pop artist – is a resident of Story Brook Farm sanctuary, which he shares with two dozen other primates rescued from zoos, research labs and private homes around the country.

Volunteer at the centre Charmaine Quinn explained that "he seems to like bright colours," although she observed he is "easily distracted and he has the attention span of a three-year-old".

For the next two months, however, 40 of his completed works will be on display at Sadie's Diner and Juice Bar in the city.

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