A growing number of people may find they have need of ink cartridges to print items from the internet they have viewed on their mobile phone, as the use of these gadgets is said to be growing.

According to a study conducted in the US by eMarketer, the typical individual spends 65 minutes a day using their portable device, more than is spent reading newspapers and magazines.

This is a 30 per cent jump from the time spent last year, the organisation stated.

TV and video took up the bulk of people's media viewing time at over four and a half hours, while two hours 47 minutes was spent surfing the internet via a PC.

All these times include multi-tasking – so if a person spends an hour using their mobile while watching TV, this is counted as an hour for each category, eMarketer noted.

Recently, Kodak became the latest ink supplies maker to offer a printing app to users of Android smartphones so they do not need to connect to a PC to product items such as PDFs and Microsoft Office documents.