Individuals looking to purchase a new printer should factor in future expenses such as replacement ink cartridges when working out what is the best option for them, it has been stated.

A recent study by PC Advisor found there is a growing awareness among consumers of the need to consider these costs, particularly if they expect to be using their machine on a regular basis.

"The printer in the store with the cheapest purchase price may not be the cheapest over its lifetime," the publication stated, so it is important users investigate their options carefully.

PC Advisor's poll found 68 per cent of people say the rate at which their machine uses ink is their biggest concern.

It also revealed more people are keen to be able to print from devices other than their PC, so individuals were advised to look for features such as extra USB ports and memory card slots if they wish to produce photos direct from a camera.

Mobile printing solutions that can connect a machine to a smartphone could also be highly useful, it was noted.

Recently, Kodak introduced its new Document Print app for Android phones to help make this easier.