Wireless printers using ink cartridges could become common in many UK homes over the next few years, as interconnectivity is set to become central to UK abodes.

This is according to a new report by Intellect, which predicted in-built communication networks could transform the way people act with technology and help deliver a range of services, from entertainment to healthcare.

By the end of the decade, homes will be able to link up a range of devices, including tablet PCs, smartphones and web-enabled TVs, the report predicted.

Head of internet and media at Intellect Colin Batten said: "Most homes already have islands of technology but the truly connected home will be more than just an aggregation of different services and devices."

He added it has the potential to be the "next big technological revolution", but the study said this will only be achievable if the government and industry can agree on how to improve the nation's networks.

It was also recently suggested by the Guardian that 3D printing is another technology that could make its way into homes over the next few years.