Many people make look use a single device to take photos, edit them and send them to a printer to produce a hard copy using ink cartridges in the future, as convergence is set to be the future of technology.

This is according to TV presenter and journalist Lucy Hedges, who highlighted the iPhone 4S as one example of a popular gadget that performs many of the tasks of a PC in the palm of a user's hand.

She added that currently, many owners of items such as iPads are not taking advantage of its full range of capabilities and may be limiting their usage to web browsing and email, but this could change as the technology improves.

"You can do so many things on your phone and tablet with the power of the internet – it's unbelievable and people just need to embrace it a bit more," Ms Hedges continued.

Recently, figures from GfK suggested many people may be looking to converged devices, as sales of entry-level point and shoot digital cameras have suffered as people use their smartphones to snap pictures.