One individual who may need a large amount of printer supplies for 3D devices is Israeli artist Eyal Gever, who uses the machines to create pieces inspired by disasters.

He explained to the BBC how his work involves recreating a range of scenarios in miniature – from bus crashes to tsunamis – using the latest 3D laser printing technology.

Mr Geyer told the news provider how the development of the technology has enabled him to create detailed models in a fraction of the time it takes traditional sculptors to produce similar work and predicted the popularity of 3D machines is set to boom.

"Personal fabrication, creating physical objects out of the computer, is going to be huge," he stated.

The artist explained how it can allow people to recreate physical representations of events that previously would only have been available as photos or a memory.

Elsewhere, another person who has been using ink supplies to create art is Canadian Jonathan Brand, who used an inkjet device to help produce a life-size model of a Ford Mustang out of ordinary folded paper.