People looking to use ink cartridges to print out hard copies of their favourite snaps may find they have a wide range of options available when looking for a new camera.

This is because Fujifilm has unveiled a wide range of new devices in its FinePix line for 2012, from entry-level compact devices to feature-packed high zoom gadgets.

A total of 17 models have been unveiled, including the HS30EXR, which offers a 30x optical zoom and a focal range equivalent to a 35mm camera, which the company says "enables photographers to tackle almost any type of subject matter from sweeping landscapes to fine details on wild animals".

Other models include the JV300 – described as an affordable way to take premium-quality images – and the XP150, a durable and waterproof design intended for use in challenging conditions.

The announcements come ahead of next week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where all the models will be on display prior to hitting shelves.