Many people using ink supplies to print out hard copies of their favourite photos may have turned to the internet to share their snaps in 2011.

According to figures from Pingdom, there 51 million registered users on image-hosting site Flickr by the end of the year, while by August 2011, there were six billion images on the site.

It also noted users uploaded 4.5 million snaps a day to the service.

Many of these may have been taken using cameraphones, as the iPhone 4 was said to be the most commonly-used equipment for capturing photos.

This trend may increase in 2011, as TV presenter and journalist Lucy Hodges recently stated convergence of devices is set to increase in the coming year as people look to perform multiple tasks through a single gadget.

However, Flickr was not the only service that has a successful year, as Pingdom observed there were estimated to be 100 billion snaps uploaded to Facebook by mid-2011, while 60 photos ware uploaded to Instagram every second.