The coming year will see a growing number of printer supplies aimed at making mobile printing easier, it has been predicted.

Analyst for printers, scanners and projectors at PC Mag Tony Hoffman stated there will be a number of gadgets launched on to the market designed to take advantage of this development.

"We will see several small photo printers built specifically to print from iPhones, iPads and other smartphones and tablets," he suggested.

The expert noted that while the majority of new Wi-Fi printers will be compatible with Apple's AirPrint, most people will prefer to use dedicated printer apps from their machine's manufacturer, which will be a more powerful option for producing documents on the move.

Mr Hoffman also suggested there will be a growing market for portable scanners that can upload documents directly to the cloud.

His views were recently echoed by Melissa Riofrio, senior editor of PC World, who said Google's Cloud Print app will become a widely used tool for producing items remotely.