A growing number of people may look to buy printer supplies for 3D machines as the technology becomes more affordable.

Design technologies consultant at Inition Paul Armand observed that as costs come down, they are becoming more accessible to hobbyists who wish to use the technology to produce their own creations.

As the user-friendliness of 3D printers grows, he observed people will be able to take advantage of them without needing the degree of specialist knowledge they required in the past.

This improvement in accessibility was also recently noted by Brian Withers, managing director of 3dcreationlab.co.uk, who stated free computer-aided design software such as Google SketchUp is putting powerful tools in the hands of consumers.

"I think another surge in popularity is because of personalised and customisable objects," Mr Armand noted, pointing to a trend that is seeing more companies offering items such as unique cases for iPhones.

The technology is moving at quite a fast pace, he continued, adding: "So you should, in the next couple of years, see materials becoming more and more cheaper and giving better results."