Many people in the UK who frequently use services such as Facebook may be looking for additional features to keep them interested in the sites.

A survey conducted by YouGov revealed that while almost two-thirds of the UK population claim to have used Facebook in the past month, 41 per cent say they are getting bored of social media.

It also noted recent months have seen more users taking advantage of social features on domains that have other purposes – such as price comparison websites and music streaming software.

YouGov observed that since Spotify added social functions such as the ability to see what friends are listening, one in ten users now spend more than 14 hours a week using the site.

Media consulting director at YouGov Dan Brilot said: "With the ability to share, tweet and interact on any kind of site almost a given, social media services increasingly need to have an extra raison d'etre beyond merely being 'social' to make an impact."

Facebook may be one service trying to accommodate these demands, as it recently unveiled a range of new apps by popular brands such as Trip Advisor and Ticketmaster as part of its new timeline interface.

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