Individuals looking to ensure their ink cartridges last for as long as possible have been advised to look at the options available on their printer.

The Tampa Bay Times noted that by setting the machine to draft mode or greyscale, this cuts down on the amount of ink supplies used.

While the quality of documents printed using draft mode is lower than normal, it is still likely to be acceptable for items that do not need to be well presented, such as papers that will only be used in the home.

Similarly, greyscale, which produces shaded monochrome documents, only uses the black ink cartridges rather than blending the colour cartridges to create black outputs, the publication continued.

The piece also urged individuals to recycle their old cartridges when they are empty, as this can prevent items going to landfill.

This was also recently recommended by David Bayon, deputy reviews editor at PC Pro magazine, who said it can help cut down on the large environmental impact that printing can have.