Britons may be sending large amounts of unwanted electronic devices and accessories such as empty ink cartridges to landfill, it has been claimed

Research by mobile network operator O2 has revealed the country sends gadgets worth £762 million to rubbish dumps every year, despite the fact many of them could be recycled, the Independent reports.

Sending such items to landfill could cause a number of environmental problems, as some devices contain toxic materials such as lead and cadmium.

However, the publication noted these materials are in high demand among electronics manufacturers due to a lack of supply, so consumers could make money by recycling their old items, as well as help the environment.

Susanne Baker, senior policy advisor on climate change at manufacturer's association EEF, said: "We know many manufacturers are worried about securing stable supplies of these materials at the right price."

Therefore, people may wish to think about other options before discarding unwanted items into the bin.

Recently, it was reported how recycled ink supplies are helping fund a scheme that assists disabled individuals in Bury St Edmunds with finding work.