People using Google+ who are concerned about the recently announced changes to its privacy policy may be interested in a response from the company.

The internet firm caused controversy when it unveiled the updated settings last week, which will see users' activities across a range of its sites – including Search, Google+, YouTube and Gmail – tracked and consolidated into a single profile.

Individuals will be unable to opt-out from the integrated data collection, which will gather information from over 60 different domains that use Google Accounts.

Now, director of public policy at Google Pablo Chavez has sought to respond to users concerned about their online privacy.

On the company's blog, he explained the new policy is simpler and more understandable.

He added: "We want to make our users' experience seamless and easy by allowing more sharing of information among products when users are signed into their Google Accounts."

Mr Chavez stressed data gathered will still be kept private and information will not be sold to advertisers.

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