Monkeys at one zoo in the United Arab Emirates may need to tread carefully in the future after it was decided to place them in the same enclosure as a Nile crocodile.

The move, by the Al Ain Zoo, is intended to better replicate the environment the creatures would experience in the wild and also includes a number of terrapins.

Spokesman for the wildlife facility Dr Arshad Toosy explained the Nile crocodile is usually a docile creature and is fed with chickens once every three days.

Although he added the five-year-old reptile may be tempted to attack a monkey if it gets hungry, the expert said there have been no close calls so far, the National reports.

The primates in the exhibit are said to be intrigued by their new neighbour and have been seen interacting with the predator.

Dr Toosy said: "They know by instinct that he is a dangerous animal, but that doesn't mean they're not playful."

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