Since being released in 2008, Google Chrome has now become one of the most popular browsers for internet users. The reason behind chrome’s popularity is its speed, simplicity, security and the additional features it offers. Being honest, Google Chrome is my first choice browser hands down and  in my opinion, one of the best features is that you can apply themes. If you don’t know what themes are, then check out the video below.

Working here at Cartridge Monkey means I use the internet every day and since I use Google Chrome as my preferred browser, I am always changing my themes. So I thought I’d share the best Google Chrome Themes I have used in 2012. I hope you enjoy.

Tron Blue/Green Theme


Install Tron Blue/Green Theme

Autumn Theme


Install Autumn Theme

Black & Gray Theme


Install Black & Gray Theme

Night Tochpc Theme


Install Night Tochpc Theme

Piano Theme


Install Piano Theme

Fiery Horse Chrome Theme


Install Fiery Horse Chrome Theme

Abstract Blue Theme


Install Abstract Blue Theme

Blue Space Sunset Chrome Theme


Install Blue Space Sunset Chrome Theme

I <3 House Music Theme


Install I <3 House Music Theme

Marc Ecko Theme


Install Marc Ecko Theme

Love Smoke Theme


Install Love Smoke Theme

Burning Guitar Theme


Install Burning Guitar Theme

My favourite has to be the Marc Ecko Theme but why not check out these themes on your Google Chrome and see which is your favourite.

P.S I am always on the lookout for cool new themes, so if you know of any please let me know.