As many of us in the marketing world know, brand loyalty is a crucial pillar of any business model. Without it we would lose the ability to retain customers and gain repeat purchases. An enjoyable brand experience is a fundamental factor to grow brand loyalty, and my recent experience is a fine example of this.

On Wednesday 7th March 2012, the Netgiant marketing team embarked on a trip down to London for an introductory meeting with Google. This was aimed at enhancing our business relationship and to discuss the strategy in accelerating the Cartridge Monkey product inventory across the various Google advertising platforms. To briefly explain, Cartridge Monkey is our primary B2C brand, which specialises in printer consumables, such as ink cartridges.

To get to London we travelled first class on a Virgin pendalino train, which isn’t just a smooth ride. The hospitality and charm of the Virgin staff is delightful. Despite tucking into a fried breakfast on what seemed like a 15 degree angle for most of the time, it was extremely tasty. Even Ahmed my colleague was resistant to having a drink after his meal, so he could savour the taste a little longer! I even ate the black pudding, a food I’m not normally a huge fan of, I just couldn’t say “no” to anything. A really enjoyable experience overall.

Arriving at London Euston, we made our way in the rain to the Google offices. Once we eventually found our way to the building entrance, we stepped into the button-less lifts, onward to the Google office floor! When we finally entered the reception area, I was immediately drawn to the by LCD TV laid en floors, featuring short Google advertisements, phenomenal decor and a grand view over London, despite a rain cloud covered skyline.

After meeting our account manager we had a brief tour around the offices, which was really interesting and at the same time quite extra ordinary! Google employees get the pleasure of free food and drink, gym usage and even a massage, as if they would be getting stressed out! Now I’ve always known that Google treat their staff well, but I was even more surprised to learn that if toilet trained, employees can bring their dog to work!

The meeting went very well and we all left for a lunch to a local French bistro, compliments of Google. We chatted and asked a whole bunch of questions, I personally thought that Google’s insight into our business was really great, and their hospitality was equally impressive.

Overall, a very pleasurable and productive day, thanks to Virgin trains and Google!