Keen photographers using ink supplies to print their work may be increasingly turning to Google+ when they wish to share their images online.

It was noted by Forbes that the social networking site is building a growing reputation as the best place for individuals with an interest in the activity to meet up.

Amateur snapper Ivan Makarov explained to the news provider the site has changed the landscape for the internet photography community, which was previously very fragmented.

"Google+ has just re-energised the photography community online," he said. "It was kind of dispersed in various different outlets before that."

He explained the photo sites that were available previously had not offered enough innovation to satisfy many users, while private forums were not open enough.

"It was very decentralised, so when Google+ came along, people jumped on it," Mr Makarov continued, highlighting features such as the simple method of displaying images and the ability to connect with other users through video 'hangouts'.

In recognition of the impact the social media site has had on the community, Mr Makarov has put together a 200-page photography book that brings together some of the best images shared through the site.

The finished product includes works from 53 countries across four continents, while the online ebook offers even more content, with 521 pages of images submitted to the site by both professional and amateur snappers.

Mr Makarov said the quality of entries for the book was very high, with many of the amateur entries just as good as those by familiar names.

The final contents of the product were decided by a team of volunteers, who were able to bring the book to print in just three months.

Recently, it was predicted by editor of Thomas Morffew that Google+ will have 400 million users by the end of 2012 as more people appreciate the unique features of the site.