With the price of advertising rising, big brands are increasingly under pressure to leave a lasting impression on their consumers! In fact prices are so high that for a 30 second commercial during this years Super Bowl cost an eye watering $3.5million!

Adverts that usually do well tend to be funny adverts or adverts that you can share with your friends which in turn they share with their friends and so on….After all laughter is contagious.

So here are my picks for the 10 funniest ads of all time.  Laugh, share and leave me your thoughts on which you think the funniest ad ever in the comments below.

10) Colman’s – I like the way you moo

The commercial plays on the song “I like the way you move” by BodyRockers redone to “I like the way you moooooo” So by simple adding a singing and dancing cow Colman’s made an ad for gravy memorable and downright awesome.

9) John Smiths – Peter Kay

Here is a compilation of John Smiths “No nonsense” adverts starring the very funny Peter Kay. Including the running bomb and the football “Av it” advert. These adverts propelled Peter Kay to a where he is now.

8) TangoYou know when you’ve been tangoed!

Do you remember the “you’ve been tangoed” advert? The chubby orange man jumps out and slaps you in the face when you taste the tango. Unfortunately this advert was actually banned in the UK as there was a lot of copy cat tangoing (Happy Slapping) going on.

7) Reebok – Belly’s gonna get ya!

Reebok’s way to get you to buy their trainers was to have a giant inflatable belly chasing you around the streets. Unfortunately Belly has already got me!

6) Vodaphone – Vodaphone Live

This advert had me chuckling. A beautiful woman, who you’re sitting next to on a plane, falls a sleep so the first thing you do is get your phone out to take a picture. Unfortunately while this chap is sending pictures to his mate showing off she wakes up!

5) Lynx – Bom Chicka WowWow

Picture this…You’re meeting your boyfriends parents for the first time and you want to make a good impression, but oh no your potential father in law is wearing “lynx” and you can’t control yourself so the phrase was born BOM CHICKA WOWWOW! Unfortunately I’ve been wearing Lynx for years and still awaiting my first Bom Chicka Wowwow!

4) John West Salmon – Bear Fight

John West went to great measure to prove how fresh his Salmon was by getting into a brawl with a bear, just hilarious!

3) Budweiser – “Wassup”

This advert was massive and the “wassup” catchphrase was used all over the world. In fact the catchphrase was so popular it was used in the hit film series Scary Movie.

2) Cadbury’s – Gorilla and Eyebrows

Ok I couldn’t choose which Cadbury video was the best so I’ve put them both in my top 10 as joint second. They’re just brilliant.

1) Old Spice – The man your man could smell like

Number one on the list is the Old spice advert it’s had over 40million views on YouTube. Let’s hope your man doesn’t smell like me.

There you have it my pick of the funniest ads ever. What’s your favourite?