We’ve recently under taken some Fire Safety training here at the Monkey’s HQ although we had some serious fun; we also learned some great information on preventing and fighting a fire.

Fire Safety is important for any workplace and should be taken seriously, so here are our top tips on making your workplace a safer place to be:

1)      Time to take out the trash – Clutter in an office can be dangerous as it can contribute to fire as fuel and also prevent you accessing fire extinguishers and escaping through fire exits.

2)      Extension Cords – The biggest threat to a workplace are extension cords, make sure your extension cords are fully extended as they can heat up and spontaneously combust.

3)      Smoking – If you smoke, always smoke in a designated area and make sure your cigarettes are completely extinguished before disposing of them.

4)      Maintenance – Make sure all your electrical equipment is in full working order and your not overloading any electrical device.

5)      Sound the Alarm – Always sound the alarm before you start tackling a fire, that way your colleagues can start to evacuate.

6)      Switch off electrical equipment before you leave. Also a very good way to reduce your electricity bill 🙂

7)      Get the right training – Make sure your colleagues know what they need to do in the case of a fire. Each fire extinguisher combats a different type of fire, so if you’re trained you’ll know which extinguisher you’ll need.

8)      Don’t be a hero – If the fire becomes too overwhelming get out of there and leave it to the professionals.

Check out the video below of our team combating a controlled fire (please do not try this at home)