Items produced using HP printer supplies could be used in conjunction with smartphones to link directly to online resources, the company has suggested.

HP is looking to integrate its printing operations with technology from software developer Autonomy, which it acquired last year in a £7.1 billion deal, ZDNet reported.

The firm demonstrated to the publication innovations that use the Aurasma app, which can use a phone's camera to view objects and link directly to media stored in the cloud when it recognises an item it sees in the real world, a technique known as 'Auras'.

Senior vice-president of information management at HP Nicole Eagan explained: "Every time you want to print an image and when you point your mobile device to it, with Auras it would come alive."

Consumer applications suggested by the executive include taking a photo and linking it to a movie or message stored online.

People could then use ink cartridges to print the photo to send to relatives, who can then access the online content by showing the paper to their smartphone.

Other uses could allow marketers to tie in images used in their print materials with online content that may be viewed by consumers who see the ads on the street or in publications.

Head of innovation and strategic partnerships at Aurasma Matt Mills stressed to ZDNet that at the moment, these uses are a "goal", as the technology is still in the developmental stages.

Fernando Lucini, Autonomy's chief architect, added the aim is to develop products that will excite and engage consumers, rather than be just another "boring" printer.

"It's about how we make it part of your world, part of your story and your data … It's going to be very different," he said.

Last year, chief executive of Autonomy Mike Lynch told ZDNet the firm's products will be used in a range of innovations across HP's businesses, including both enterprise and consumer-oriented products.