Who thought bringing Marvels, box office smashing; superheroes together on the big screen might have been a bad idea?  Well I think you all owe Joss Whedon an Epically huge apology! Not only did Joss Whedon manage to create an environment for the biggest superheros in the Marvel universe, he did it with style!

So let’s meet the team

The star of the show is Iron Man – well at least in box office terms – which means you get to see a lot of Robert Downey Jr’s sharp tongue, super gadgets and another Iron Man created for the film using a 3D printer
Then there is the noble Captain America (Chris Evans reprising his 2011 role) who’s slowly trying to get back into the world after being kept on ice since World War II.
Chris Hemsworth returns as the God of Thunder Thor, but it’s his bad egg of a brother Loki who is back causing this super get-together (played by Tom Hiddleston) who manages to pull off being sinister and funny at the same time.

Mark Ruffalo is the quiet one of the gang, but that’s just in case he turns green and smashes stuff up! When the BIG green guy does makes an appearance, trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

To finish this assemble of superheroes, we have the Scarlett Johansson who plays sexy spy Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow who keeps the boys in line and Jeremy Renner who plays archer Hawkeye. They may not have any super powers but they certainly can kick some alien butt.

The Story

Hydra’s secret weapon the “Tesseract” is back from the Captain America film and gets stolen from S.H.I.E.L.D by Loki (Thor’s brother) Loki is planning to use the “Tesseract” to open a portal and release an army of super Aliens.

S.H.I.E.L.D’s Director Nick Fury (played by Samuel L Jackson) is forced to bring together a team of superheroes to fight for Earth’s survival. Fury recruits Dr Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, Thor and Tony Stark but the team don’t want to play nicely at first they become the team we need them to be.


The Avengers brings you almost non-stop action from our heroes fighting each other to teaming up to stop an alien invasion.  When it comes to “the end of the world” Joss Whedon is the master, after all we had 7 seasons of Buffy and 5 seasons of Angel all with an apocalypse every season. Whedon manages to break the seriousness of the impending doom with some hilarious banter between the super gang. Visually the film is stunning from the big explosions and the butt-kicking to the CGI of the Hulk and the Aliens.

This film has everything a superhero film should have: Action, Humour, Super awesome special effects, More Action, The Hulk, and did I mention Action. The whole point of a superhero film is to leave you wanting to be a superhero yourself and the Avengers Assemble does just that!