Students may find it easier to learn if they are presented with teaching materials printed using colour ink cartridges.

According to a survey commissioned by Xerox, many items used in classrooms are currently in monochrome, with seven out of ten youngsters saying most or all of their handouts are black and white.

This is despite the fact studies have indicated pupils who use colour worksheets are shown to have better comprehension of what they read.

The individuals polled by the printer cartridges maker agreed with this, with 77 per cent of eight to 18-year-olds believing they would benefit from clearer learning materials and 85 per cent saying the use of varying shades makes charts and graphs easier to understand.

As well as improving information retention, the students added vibrant materials are more interesting, which helps them to focus in class.

Seven out of ten noted using colour documents would make homework assignments more fun, while it may be especially beneficial when teaching complex subjects, as 58 per cent of respondents stated their science skills would improve as a result of colourful handouts.

The benefits of using colour may be emphasised by the increasing use of modern technology in classrooms. Among students who use tablet PCs for their studies, 77 per cent said they would prefer it if their paper documents were as colourful and engaging as their digital learning materials.

As 43 per cent of youngsters receive handouts in class on a daily basis, using colour may help stimulate youngsters, as 18 per cent admit to often being bored during lessons.

Leah Quesada, vice-president of marketing at Xerox's Enterprise Business Group, said: "With the right tools in place, colour can be maximised in the classroom to the benefit of the students." 

She added there are several cost-effective options available that educators can use to create colourful materials despite shrinking budgets, such as the new Xerox ColorQube 8900.

Recently, it was noted by Microsoft there are a range of technologies that can help kids engage with learning. The firm highlighted the educational benefits of its Kinect motion-sensor system, which is being used in an increasing number of classrooms.