When you think of Japan and technology, I bet you think mobile phones, flat screen televisions, cars and printers. I wonder though, how many of you would think of Robots?

Japan is the world leader in terms of developing robot technology; this technology takes many forms… Yes its ground breaking, thought provoking, potentially world changing, but I’m introducing you to a bizarre offshoot of this technology; Robot Wrestling!

Err yes, I do mean Robot Wrestling.

In Japan you buy your ‘base’ robot from a specialist store in kit form. You then assemble the robot and add an extra’s to make the robot unique to you. The extras can improve the range of your robots movement, they can improve its balance or they can simply be weapons such as a samurai sword!!

Once built, you can program your robot with software on your PC; you can program its mobility, create specialist wrestling moves and so much more. But enough words, let’s look at some Robot wresting action!

The first bout is a real David v Goliath affair. I just love the small robot!

This ends with the most awesome throw of an opponent!

And it just goes from bizarre to surreal. Watch the teddy bear robot take a beating!

I don’t know about you, but I’m off to buy my robot.

Robot wrestling was featured earlier this week on ‘the Gadget Show’, and you can more information and videos from the show here.