Digital camera and printer supplies maker Canon has been named as the most trusted photography equipment maker in Europe in a poll of consumers.

The firm picked up the accolade from Reader’s Digest following a survey that sought the views of thousands of consumers across 16 countries.

Of these, 13 nations – including the UK – cited the brand as their preferred choice for digital camera products, an honour Canon has received in every annual survey conducted by the magazine since the poll was initiated 12 years ago.

Readers were asked to rate a series of brands according to a variety of criteria, including the quality and value for money of their products, their perception of the company’s image and the extent to which they understand customer needs.

It also examined how confident users are in the claims a firm makes in its advertising and its attitudes towards sustainability and green issues.

James Leipnik, chief of communication for Canon Europe, said he is pleased that the results of the survey have supported Canon’s commitment to developing products designed to reflect the needs and interests of its buyers.

He added: “Through our technologies, we aim to encourage everyone to be as passionate about the power of image as we are.”

Earlier this year, Canon unveiled the latest model in its flagship EOS range of digital cameras, the 5D Mark III, which it promises offers improved speed, a higher resolution and greater processing power compared with the previous Mark II model.

The Mark II has already proved to be a favourite among many professional photographers and film-makers, with the devices recently being used to film scenes for current Hollywood blockbuster Avengers Assemble due to its high-quality results, so Canon will be hoping to improve on this solid base with its newest model.