Thinking of starting a home office? Before you do so, there are many things you need to do such as having the space, equipment, safety barriers (if there are children in the home) etc. I have listed many of the items you should have to make your time in the home office more productive.

Good, large desk

If you are going to be working regularly in the home office, a large desk is a must. I recently replaced my desk with a large desk with no drawers or shelves and my productivity levers shot up! My weekend output was higher than previous ones due to the comfort and space which in turn motivated me to put more hours into the work.

Good view

Working in a home office can be a boring and dull experience at times as there is generally no one to talk to and nothing to see. So arranging your desk so a window with a good view is on your side (not in front!). You will enjoy your day more this way.

Having a window in front of your desk will make you less productive and can damage your eyes. When you switch your view from your monitor (short range) to the window and everything going on outside (long range) your pupil needs to refocus – I’m not eye expert so you should consult your optician for further info and advice.

Dual screen

Having a dual screen will surely take up more room but it’s worth the space. Research has been conducted over the years that conclude a person’s productivity increases between 20% – 50%. You can pick up a nice HD monitor for £120 so well worth the investment.

High spec PC

If you’re looking to switch to a home office, then it’s likely you have a business or working on some private projects/freelancing, so you need to waste minimum time and work fast. Having a High spec PC is vital – especially if you use high demanding software such as the Adobe Suite, 3DSMax etc. – as this will save you days in loading and rendering time over the year.


Having a home office means you will likely print lots over the year so purchasing a good printer is ideal.

Spare stationery and hardware

Many people miss this point and don’t see its importance until they are in a situation which they’re in need of some stationery! Imagine you’re working on some design for a key client paying good money with a tight deadline and your mouse stops working?


Save costs and download Skype. Millions of people use Skype worldwide and most of your contacts are sure to be on the service. It does great video calling, too.