I’m S-zibit….and I’m going to pimp your snack!

Well not really…but have you seen the awesome creations featured on the website Pimp that snack?

Toffee Crisp

Being a big fan of the TV show ‘Pimp my ride’ (presented by rapper X-zibit) where the show takes your run down rust bucket of a car and turns into a fully-fledged pimp mobile sporting multiple tv screens and spinning alloy wheels, the idea of pimping snacks really stuck a chord with me!

Giant snacks!

Pimp that snack is a website that features the efforts of anyone who takes it upon themselves to make some of our favourite tasty treats and make them even more amazing by adding extra ingredients or even super-sizing them!

Creme egg

Sweet Tooth??

So if like me you’ve got a sweet tooth, you might want to look away now or you too could be craving the need to bury your face in the sugary goo of a humungous crème egg! Nom nom nom!