3D-printer-shoesThat’s right ladies, within the next decade or so you’ll be able to create the perfect shoes just for you. According to Jane Monnington Boddy (director of market analyst company Stylesight) this 3D technology will ‘revolutionise wardrobes and is the future of fashion’.

Although the technology is already out there, the cost of buying and maintaining a 3D printer is very expensive but as with any hi-tech gadget, prices are expected to drop in the near future.

So how will it work? Well, first you need a design. There would be two ways to do this, create your own or purchase one from sites like shapeways.com (currently sells jewellery, art etc…). Once you have purchased your design, you download it to your computer and then use your 3D printer to print it.

If you aren’t familiar with how 3D printers work, they are similar to inkjet printers but instead of using ink, molten plastic is used to create a solid object. This solid object is created by tiny layers being printed on top of each other, thus creating a steady structure. Once printed, your shoes will be ready to go!

There is no doubt that this technology will change fashion but what it could do for consumers is incredible. You could save time and money plus as shipping isn’t required its eco-friendly too. Wait a few more years, and start to invest in some more wardrobe space!