Everyone needs a bit of creativity throughout the week and here’s something to get you started. I’ve gathered some monkey/jungle themed desktop wallpapers below.

Jungle of Fashion

I like this one – it’s quite artistic. Designing a wallpaper like this takes countless hours. First you need to draw out each element on paper perfectly. Thereafter scan at high quality and import into a program such as Adobe Photoshop. Once imported, ink over each line (which takes lots of patience and time) and once this is complete paint and colour each element perfectly.

Audio Jungle

Quite a nifty one this! I’m sure this wallpaper would look beautiful on a Mac.


Just looking at this wallpaer takes you into another world and I’m sure many of you will agree you would love to go to a place like this (and maybe live there!?).

Swinging Monkey

Bet this one brought a smile to your face? A simple design using a few colours yet very cheerful.

Kawaii Monkey Green

This is quite a cool wallpaper. I wouldn’t use it myself but I’m certain there are loads of people (you?) out there who would love to use this as their desktop wallaper.

That’s it from me today. Do you like them? And more importantly, do you have any to add?