No i’m not talking rubbish, Germany have hosted the second ever Wheelie Bin World Cup!

Wheelie Bin World Cup organiser Christoph Koenig came up with the idea at the Formula 1 race track Nuremburg Ring when they were visiting a rock concert. Apparently there was a wheelie bin on the ground with someone lying on top of it. Now Christoph Koenig has not only transformed this into a race but also created a Wheelie Bin Association called “Yes Angels”

The Wheelie Bin World Cup challenge involves competitors racing each other on “pimped up” dustbins (they just have two extra wheels) through the streets of Hermeskeil, Germany. This year a total of 60 competitors travelled across Europe to compete in this wheelie competitive sport.

More than 6,000 spectators turned out this year to watch the reigning 2009 champion Norman Schafer retain his title as world wheelie bin champion with the fastest time of 21.1 seconds.

Check out some of the competitors in action with this video.