Olympic Google doodles

Have you ever visited the internet in search for the answer to a niggling question, ‘Googled’ a topic of interest, or looked for the meaning of life and before you know it, you’ve been distracted by the many colourful websites and cat videos that you found instead??

That’s right, it really doesn’t take much for our attention to be diverted when we’re on the Google machine and now they’ve come up with a brand new way for us to loose hours of our precious time with their playable Olympic Google Doodle games!


To Celebrate the 2012 London Olympics, those awesome geeks at Google have created a new doodle to celebrate a different Olympic sport each day and even cunningly incorporated part of the Google logo with the doodle but the real fun has only just begun….

Since 7th August those doodles have become playable, and a great way to challenge you friends! Check them out here, just click the doodle below to have a try and tell us what time you got!

Hurdles: My time – 14.1 seconds


Basketball: My score – 28

basket ball

Canoe: My time – 18.1 seconds

Canoe slalem

Football:  My score – 40

football doodle

Find out more about Google Doodles and how they are made by watching this video: