With the introduction of the iPad a few years ago, the tablet market has really kicked off and many more companies are following suit. HP, Sony, Samsung, Amazon and Microsoft are all making next generation tablets. If you’re looking to purchase an alternative to the iPad, below are 4 tablets to keep an eye on.

iPad Mini

Every person in the tech industry is speculating that Apple are to release a new model of the iPad, the iPad Mini. Rumours suggest the iPad Mini is to be announced this month and will host a light design and a lower price tag.  The New iPad is retailing at £399 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only model so how much cheaper will the iPad Mini be?

Microsoft Surface

I personally am awaiting for this beast. The Surface looks amazing and runs Windows 8. If Microsoft market this right, and offer a version with the full Windows experience, they have a killer product and I will also purchase it. Imagine being able to run the Adobe Suite, Full Office and even World of Warcraft! Of course the specs will have to be very high.

Amazon Kindle Fire

The iPad’s greatest competitor is the Amazon Kindle. It’s an extremely consumer-focused product, includes very high specs and is a window to serve you content from the Amazon cloud which includes, books, movies, music and more. It actually runs on the Android OS and will be released next month.

Sony Tap 20

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For those who want a tablet for the home, look no further the the new Sony Tap 20. A beautiful 20 inch tablet that’s fit for the whole family. It’s battery powered, heavy and the specs are not very high however a fantastic tablet to use with someone.