Are LEGO about to enter the printer market…?

Let’s face it LEGO is brilliant! I have loved LEGO since before I can remember, I mean, who hasn’t??
LEGO was invented in the late 1940’s and has probably been in every home in the UK Since it was designed and engineered in Billund, Denmark. Through the years LEGO have produced over 400 billion plastic bricks for various themes such as cars, houses, and my absolute personal favourite, the Star Wars collection!….

Now Accepting PayPal

Did you know you can now use PayPal to pay for you ink and toner through

We recently introduced PayPal as a payment option as we reconise the benefits it brings to our customers, including easy quick checkout and ultra secure payment transaction.

Lexmark Genesis S815 Inkjet Multifunction Printer

When you consider the meaning of the word Genesis, you might think of the first book of the Bible or you might think of the Rock Band that included Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel. The World English Dictionary also offers the definition for the word Genesis as ‘a beginning or origin of anything’. So where are we going with this?

Lexmark’s latest multifunction inkjet printer offering has been boldly badged as the Genesis S815, but is it really the creation of something divine or merely a cover version of an old classic?