5 Jungle Themed Desktop Wallpapers

Everyone needs a bit of creativity throughout the week and here’s something to get you started. I’ve gathered some monkey/jungle themed desktop wallpapers below. Jungle of Fashion I like this one – it’s quite artistic. Designing a wallpaper...

Food for a Monkey Themed Party

Hosting a monkey themed party and don’t know what to have as snacks? Below are some ideas of the sorts of food you should have! Banana and peanut butter sandwiches These are very tasty Image source Banana Marshmallow Image Source Chocolate Dipped Frozen Bananas...
Love Great Service? Then You’ll Love the Monkey!

Love Great Service? Then You’ll Love the Monkey!

In the early days of our business, I always got the feeling that being an Internet Retailer was looked upon by many as ‘not a proper business’. Even though our early days were the noughties, I think this must have been a hangover from the spectacular boom and bust of the early technology companies in the late eighties. That view has very much changed today. With the exponential rise in online purchases by us all, being an Internet Retailer is definitely recognised as being a credible business. And despite there being huge online growth, online is not an easy marketplace to compete in.