What’s your Monkey Name

The Boffins here at CartridgeMonkey.com have taken a break from offering you ink and toner cartridges at great prices to bring you something that’s a little bit of fun: The what’s your Monkey name game.

Super Earth’s In Super Numbers

In recent days it has been announced by team of astronomers from around the globe, that there’s a strong possibility of billions of ‘Super Earth’ like planets in our galaxy alone. So, what are the chances of life on other planets now! The calculations behind this are...
The Funniest Ads of All Time

The Funniest Ads of All Time

With the price of advertising rising, big brands are increasingly under pressure to leave a lasting impression on their consumers! In fact prices are so high that for a 30 second commercial during this years Super Bowl cost an eye watering $3.5million!

Adverts that usually do well tend to be funny adverts or adverts that you can share with your friends which in turn they share with their friends and so on….After all laughter is contagious.

So here are my picks for the 10 funniest ads of all time. Laugh, share and leave me your thoughts on which you think the funniest ad ever in the comments below.

Zoo monkeys share enclosure with crocodile

Monkeys at one zoo in the United Arab Emirates may need to tread carefully in the future after it was decided to place them in the same enclosure as a Nile crocodile. The move, by the Al Ain Zoo, is intended to better replicate the environment the creatures would...