Monkey paintings to go on display

One clever monkey in Canada is in demand among art enthusiasts for his ability to create paintings, a range of which are to go on display in Toronto. The works have proven popular with collectors, with some being sold for up to $300 (£187) to buyers from as far...

Monkeys ‘show off’ by joining dawn chorus

New research has revealed why members of a species of monkey in Uganda join in with a dawn chorus each morning. Scientists from the University of St Andrews in Scotland state the activity appears to be intended to show off a primate's size and status among the...

Monkeys attack drunk zoo visitor

A visitor to a zoo in Brazil got more than he bargained for after climbing into a monkey enclosure in order to play with the creatures. Joao Leite Dos Santos was captured on video by an amateur cameraman at the attraction in Sao Paulo entering the enclosure shirtless...
Oceans of Eleven

Oceans of Eleven

We all know and respect the 11th of November as Remembrance Day, the day when we honour those brave servicemen and women who gave their lives defending our country. This year, the 11th of November falls in the 11th year of the century. 11/11/11. The first century of every thousand years is the only time we really have licence to shorten the year to the last two digits. In a hundred years time, 2111, it just seems wrong that we would abbreviate the year to 11.
So to celebrate this momentous once in a millennia occasion, CartridgeMonkey have decided to bring you 11 interesting facts about the number 11.