Broadband gap ‘too big in Britain’

Although internet connectivity is improving in the UK, there is still a significant gap between services in urban and rural areas. This is according to Broadband Expert spokesman Richard Patterson, who noted the best services are limited to people in towns and cities....
Google Culture | Soft furnishings and hard work

Google Culture | Soft furnishings and hard work

Google… It means many things to many people, but in one way or another it touches all our lives.

The company that was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin has had such a profound influence on modern culture that the word Google is now used as a verb. If we’re not sure of a fact, or want to find what’s on at a local cinema or need to buy ink cartridges, then we ‘Google it’.

Apple unveils next-generation iPad

Apple has revealed the next generation of its iPad tablet at an event in California yesterday (March 7th) that will replace the iPad 2 at the top of the manufacturer's range. The machine – which has been commonly referred to as the iPad 3, but will just be...