The 3D Printer – The Lifeblood of the Future?

The 3D Printer – The Lifeblood of the Future?

Over recent weeks, we’ve seen some novel advances in 3D printing. Now it seems that doctors may soon be using a 3D printer to save lives.
We all know why it is so important to carry organ donor cards. There is a chronic shortage of organs available to transplant into people who will die without receiving a new organ. Doctors have tried to find a way to ease the shortage by producing artificial organs in the laboratory.

HP Photosmart ‘offers great range of features’

People looking for a home all-in-one machine with high print quality and low running costs may like to consider the Photosmart 5510 from ink cartridges maker HP. According to the manufacturer, the device - which allows users to scan and copy documents as well as print...

Google introduces next Android version

Individuals who use ink cartridges to print photos directly from Android-powered smartphones may be interested to hear Google has unveiled the newest version of the software. The company demonstrated version 4.0 of the operating system (OS) - also known as Ice Cream...

Teen fined for scaring monkeys

A teenager who broke into a monkey enclosure at a zoo and scared the primates into hiding had been fined. Bryce Samuel Boothby, aged 19, gained entry to Alma Park Zoo in Brisbane, Australia with two friends on three occasions earlier this year, the Courier Mail...

Cartridge Monkey’s Big Brother

Cartridge Monkey’s Big Brother has reported that the Dutch installation artist, Florentijn Hofman, has created a giant sculpture of a monkey in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
The giant installation is called Macaco Gordo in Portuguese, which translates as The Fat Monkey. But the Fat Monkey is not just like CartridgeMonkey after too many bananas. He is 45 feet long and is constructed entirely out of 10,000 pairs of brightly coloured flip flops.

Canon celebrates 50 millionth EOS camera

Many people may look for Canon ink supplies to print off photos taken with one of the brand's EOS range of digital SLRs, as the manufacturer has announced it has produced 50 million of the devices. The EOS series - which stands for Electro Optical System and is...

Brother printer ‘offers good value for money’

Home users looking for a multifunction printer with a good range of features may want to examine the DCP-J925DW from ink cartridges maker Brother. The device offers scanning, copying and faxing functionality as well the ability to print on CDs and DVDs and a Wi-Fi...

Electrical appliances ‘becoming greener’

Consumer electronics and electrical appliances - which may include printers that use ink cartridges - are becoming greener, which could be good news for people trying to make their home as eco-friendly as possible. According to Dr Paula Owen, director of Paula Owen...