Colour documents ‘help kids learn’

Students may find it easier to learn if they are presented with teaching materials printed using colour ink cartridges. According to a survey commissioned by Xerox, many items used in classrooms are currently in monochrome, with seven out of ten youngsters saying most...

Open-air photography exhibition comes to Bristol

An open-air exhibition of photographs highlighting the damage that is being done to the planet by the oil industry is set to arrive in Bristol this month. The Tarnished Earth display is taking place at Broadmead and will be the final chance for visitors to view the...

HP highlights recycling efforts

Ink supplies manufacturer HP is looking to improve its green credentials by encouraging users to make their printing operations more sustainable and recycle their old equipment. In an article for PC Advisor, it was noted the firm is projecting there will be a 49 per...

School IT education ‘needs overhaul’

The way pupils are taught about computers in schools in the UK needs a major overhaul to make it fit for the modern era. This is according to professor of the public understanding of technology at the Open University John Naughton, who said in an article for the...

Top Tips for Fire Prevention in the workplace

Top Tips for Fire Prevention in the workplace

We’ve recently under taken some Fire Safety training here at the Monkey’s HQ although we had some serious fun; we also learned some great information on preventing and fighting a fire.

Fire Safety is important for any workplace and should be taken seriously, so here are our top tips on making your workplace a safer place to be:

Social networks ‘an increasing part of everyday life’

A growing number of people may be using social networking sites to keep up-to-date with friends and share photos that will be printed using ink cartridges. New research by Ofcom revealed three-fifths of adult internet users have a profile on at least one service, with...

Many photographers ‘turning to Google+’

Keen photographers using ink supplies to print their work may be increasingly turning to Google+ when they wish to share their images online. It was noted by Forbes that the social networking site is building a growing reputation as the best place for individuals with...

How did Google start?

How did Google start?

Google is now by far the most popular search engine on the planet, reportedly earned a gobsmacking $38 billion in just 2011 alone, and is so widely used that the when we need an answer to any question at all, we now just ‘Google it’….So where did it all begin for Google?