cash machineWe’ve recently brought you exciting news about the endless capabilities of using 3D printers. From food and chocolate printers to human organ printers, the technology for 3D printers is moving faster than James Corden moves through a buffet table.

So it seemed only a matter of time before criminals put the 3D printer to what they know best; scamming money from the unsuspecting public. has reported that the new wave of 3D printers has given rise to a new breed of money making criminals. According to them, federal prosecutors have uncovered a gang in Texas, USA, who have stolen over $400,000 from cash machines by using their 3D printer to make skimming devices. They have now been detained and all of them can look forward to spending the next few years skimming the skin off cold porridge.

The most ironical part of this story is that one of the victims of this gang was the US District Attorney, Jenny Durkan, who lost $1,000 to the 3D printer scammers. She is the top law enforcer in Washington and also happens to be the Chairperson of the US Justice Department’s Cybercrime Committee. Even though she suspected the cash machine had been tampered with by 3D printer scammers, she used it regardless to withdraw cash. She said “I of all people knew better,” and the award for Stating The Obvious goes to Ms Durkan. The American people should feel safe in the knowledge that the highest authority in the land fighting cybercrime is as useless at her job as Simon Cowell running a charm school.

Tips To Protect Yourself From 3D Printer Cash Machine Scammers

Skimming works by thieves using the 3D printer to manufacture a false face plate, which is then attached to the front of cash machines. They also place a tiny camera next to the cash machine. The false face plate takes all the details from the person’s card; the camera records the person’s PIN number. Using the 3D printer, they can then reproduce the card which allows them to withdraw money from people’s accounts.

So how can we protect ourselves from these 3D Printer fraudsters? Here are our top tips to make sure you don’t fall victim to them.

  • Look at the cash machine or card reader. Is it loose, crooked or damaged? Do you see scratches or sticky tape residue? It may be a sign that a 3D printed skimming device has been attached.
  • Be particularly wary of tourist-area cash machines.
  • Whenever possible, use indoor cash machines. They’re harder to tamper with and add 3D printer skimming devices successfully.
  • Shield the keypad with your other hand while typing in your PIN.
  • If you try to cancel the transaction and your card doesn’t return, or if it doesn’t come back out after your transaction, contact your bank or credit union immediately.
  • Check your bank balance regularly and pay particular attention looking for any transaction or cash withdrawals you know you haven’t made.

With our tips, we may help to keep you safe from these 3D printer scammers. Additionally at Cartridge Monkey, we use state of the art security technology to ensure your safety when purchasing online.  We all know that not everyone is dishonest as these money scamming 3D printer bandits, but if you visit CartridgeMonkey today, you can legally skim pounds off the prices of all your printers, printer cartridges, toner cartridges and paper orders.

ATM skimming

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