After a bit of a break from blogging here at Cartridge Monkey, we managed to get our monkey down from his tree to come up with a few ideas. A few hours passed, and all he could think of was a feature on how good bananas were, how to climb a tree and something about peanuts. We really weren’t getting anywhere, so when the monkey started talking about his old friends, it came to us! With all the talk of monkeys, why not bring you Cartridge Monkey’s top 5 monkeys? So without further hesitation; here they are!

1. Caesar – Rise of The Planet of The Apes.

If you managed to catch this film back in 2011, you’ll know that Caesar had inherited abnormally high intelligence from his mother as a result of medical experimentation. The experiments were done by scientists in the film, in hope of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Will (Played by James Franco) and Caesar team up in hope of finding a cure for the greater good of humanity, but as the story unfolds, things start to go ape!

2.Darwin – The ‘IKEA’ Monkey

If you watch the news, which I’m sure you do, then you’ll remember last year when an IKEA store in Toronto went a bit primal, as a little Monkey in a fur coat was running around the car park making people drop their flat packs in shock!

Apparently, Darwin is now at a sanctuary where he has to wait until he can be reunited with his owner. Free Darwin!

3. Bubbles – Michael Jackson’s Monkey

Bubbles was a fun-loving Chimp back in the 80’s, hanging out with celebrities, eating candy in Neverland and coming up with new dance moves for Michael! (Although we’re not so sure about that one!)

Bubbles makes it into the list for being a funky primate who got in with the in crowd, despite being different!

4.  King Kong – King of the Monkeys!

Coming in at number 4 is the gigantic beast that is King Kong! Not a monkey you would want to mess with, but it’s always fun to watch him destroy cities and buildings! First appearing in 1933 in King Kong, this angry ape has featured in 7 films over the years, and most recently made a comeback in Peter Jackson’s 2005 version of the classic.

King Kong has been portrayed as everything from a confused, wild ape who unknowingly wreaks havoc on cities, to a super-villain monster doing battle with Godzilla. One thing’s for sure though, King Kong has always been one big ape!

5. The Cartridge Monkey!

Yes we had to put him on the list as he was throwing bananas and peanuts around – so here he is!

Our cheeky in-house critter may monkey around, but we can’t say he doesn’t work hard. He always manages to bring us low prices, super-fast delivery and secure shopping on a huge range of ink and toner products, so we can’t really leave him out!

So from me and the monkey, it’s back to work. Tell us, what’s your favourite Monkey? Real or fictional, it doesn’t matter; it just has to be a monkey.

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